Digital and automated system for soybeans quality control

About Us

Brasil Agritest is an R&D company with a deep agricultural market intelligence, food certification, and agribusiness logistics background. The formalization of the technical cooperation with Embrapa, one of the largest and most advanced agricultural research centers in the world, has enabled a series of challenges aiming at the development of new methods and instrumentations for agri-environmental analysis, grain grading automation and digitalization.

Our Solution

We develop systems that explore the physicochemical characteristics of soybean samples together with data analysis tools for model generation, grain grading and report emission about the previously sampled load.


Brasil Agritest applies state-of-the-art detection methods using developed tools from innovative techniques, aiming at:


Criteria evaluated from the physicochemical grain composition.


Robust database construction for accurate answers.


Reliable reports produced in much less time than the conventional method.


The company relies on its research partners Embrapa Instrumentation and the University of São Paulo’s (USP) Mathematics and Computer Sciences Institute (ICMC). Embrapa Instrumentation is one of the most advanced R&D centers in the development of technologies applied to agriculture, with equipped laboratories and a state of the art team.

Embrapa Instrumentação – São Carlos


Brasil Agritest Team

Lucas Solarewicz

Founding Partner

Thomas Ceglia​


Dra. Anielle Ranulfi

Researcher and Dev. Project Leader

David Amom

Machine Learning Engineer

José Victor Saldanha


Rodrigo Cantarino


Embrapa Team

Dra. Débora Milori

Embrapa Researcher

Dr. Ladislau Martin

Embrapa Researcher

Dr. Paulino Villas-Boas

Embrapa Researcher


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